Spectroline ML-3500 Series UV Blacklight (365nm)

Ultra-high intensity spot UV lamp These super-powerful lamps make NDT inspections easier, safer and more reliable. They feature state-of-the-art micro discharge light (MDL) technology with a fatigue-free ergonomic design.

  • Deliver up to 10 times the UV-A output of conventional HID
  • inspection lamps
  • Prefocused at the factory
  • Instant on/off/restrike
  • Lightweight, solid-state ballast
  • Integral bulb/reflector assembly
  • Stay-cool, impact-resistant and dent-proof housing
  • Available in 120V, 230V, 240V and 100V versions, as well as battery-operated versions
  • All bulbs feature a rated life of 2,000 hours

The ML-3500S with a spot reflector has a nominal steady-state UV-A intensity of 50,000 μW/cm2 at 15 inches (38 cm).

In addition, all MAXIMA™ lamps are available in battery-operated “M” versions. Each includes a 12-volt, 7 amp/hr rechargeable battery that will operate the lamp for a full two hours. A battery charger and carrying case are included.

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Spectroline FC Series UV Blacklight (365nm)

  • 365nm intensity of 4,500 µW/cm2 at 15 inches
  • Fan cooled, reduces running temperature
  • Spectroline FC-150 Lamp

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Spectroline BIB 150 Series UV Blacklight (365nm)

  • 365nm intensity of 4,500 µW/cm2 at 15 inches
  • Spectroline BIB-150P Lamp, 2F958 Filter, 8′ cord
  • Spectroline BIB-150PX, Lamp, 2F958 Filter, 20′ cord

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Spectroline SB-100 Series UV Blacklights (365nm)

  • 365nm intensity of 4,800 µW/cm²at 15″
  • Spectroline SB-100P Lamp, 2F958 Filter, 8′ cord
  • Spectroline SB-100PX Lamp, 2F958 Filter, 20′ cord

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Spectroline SB-100P

The SB-100P UV lamp produces super-high UV intensity without excess visible light! Developed to make your work easier, the SB-100P is precision-engineered for use in countless applications. It is perfect for nondestructive testing, quality control, UV curing, leak detection and much more.

Choice of spot or flood bulbs provides widest range of applications.

The SB-100P can be equipped with your choice of two bulbs, each with a rated life of 5,000 hours. The spot bulb provides a concentrated beam with a steady-state 365nm intensity of 4,800 µW/cm² at 15 inches
(38 cm), while the flood bulb (available with 120V and 100V models only) produces a broader beam of 1,200 µW/cm² at 15 inches. The SB-100P has a very low visible light emission of under two foot-candles (20 lux) to assure compliance with military and aerospace industry specifications.

Combines new state-of-the-art innovations with proven features.

The SB-100P was designed with the needs of the industry in mind. Its lamp head and transformer base housings are constructed of a rugged engineering polymer that virtually eliminates dents, cracks and scratches. The cord is made of a heat-and crack-resistant material. It exits from the stay-cool, contoured handle, which prevents tangling. The crack-resistant, tempered filter dramatically reduces replacement costs. The lamp head easily lifts from the metal handle of the transformer base for comfortable hand-held use. For bench use, it can be conveniently rotated 360° when mounted on the base handle. The SB-100P is now more effective than ever with a positioning pin that enables inspection at a 45° angle.

Unique Bulb-Saver™ extends bulb life.

To greatly reduce replacement costs due to broken bulbs, we include our unique Bulb-Saver at no extra charge. It minimizes bulb movement during normal handling, reducing the risk of breakage.

Tough, dependable and safe.

To reduce shock hazard, the SB-100P comes equipped with a special heat-resistant, 3-wire secondary cord and a fully enclosed encapsulated ballast. The primary and secondary cords are both 8-feet (2.5 m) long. Also available are the SB-100PX which comes with a 20-foot (6m) secondary cord and the SB-100PXR which is equipped with 20-foot primary and secondary cords. The lamp head is only 7.5 inches (19 cm) long and weighs just 2.5 lbs. (1.1 kg). The SB-100P is UL listed and CE approved; a CSA-approved version is also available. The entire unit, including the transformer base, weighs 11.5 pounds (5.2 kg).

Flexible, silicone rubber filter holder.

The filter holder is easily removable without tools for bulb or filter replacement.

FREE UV-absorbing glasses included with every lamp.

Price: $1.00
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