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Motic AE31 Trinocular AE30 Series

Product Description

A class leading inverted microscope offering upscale research functions in the routine realm.

The AE30/31 is an inverted microscope for the routine realm, but offers upscale research functions, such as fluorescence and an externally mounted and centrable 30W/6V halogen Koehler illumination. Complementing the uniform illumination is the ELWD 0.30 N.A. condenser with its 72mm working distance for large sample and carriers, which can be adjusted and centered to provide the optimum amount of illumination for each sample. Furthermore, the condenser is equipped with a slider stop for the equipped standard centrable PH 1 and PH 3 Phase slider. An optional LWD 0.50 N.A. condenser [WD=28mm] is available should the need arise.

Driven for applications, the AE30/31 incorporates the Colour Corrected Infinity Optical System [CCIS®] to power system expansions and to produce, along with the CCIS® Plan Achromat inverted objectives, crisp, flat and high contrast images in field flatness up to F.N.22. These images can be viewed for hours upon hours in fatigue free manner thanks to the comfortable 45° observation angle and viewing height of 380mm [400mm – trinocular], which is the ideal height from the laboratory tabletop to the users’ eyepieces. Assisting the angle is the Siedentopf system [50-70mm] for setting the correct interpupillary distance and the adjustable high eye point WF10X eyepiece, which can be adjusted ±5° for individual astigmatism and aligning reticules.

Supporting all these applications and functions is the AE30/31′s stable inverted “Y” designed stand. The inverted “Y” provides the necessary stability and weight distribution to handle the attachment of Epi-fluorescence and other accessories. The stand features low position focus mechanisms to alleviate wrist strain while adjusting the focus at 1mm minimum increments throughout the 10mm stroke range. The stage sits at a height of 207mm for rapid sample changes. A universal mechanical stage [tilted adjustment] is available as an option plus a series of Petri dish holders.

Trinocular head Siedentopf type, 45º inclined (light split 100:0/20:80)
Optionally Trinocular head with light split (100:0/0:100)
Widefield high eyepoint eyepieces WFPL10X/22mm with diopter adjustment on both eyepieces, with rubber eyecups
Centering telescope
Side facing quintuple nosepiece
CCIS Plan Achromatic objective PL4X
CCIS Plan Achromatic Phase objective PL PH10X, LWD PL PH20X, LWD PL PH40X
Plain stage, glass and metal inserts
ELWD N.A. 0.30 condenser
Phase slider, centrable PH1, brightfield, PH3
Koehler illumination quartz halogen 6V/30W with external lamp house and intensity control

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Meiji Techno IM7000 Inverted Metallurgical Microscope

Evaluation of metallurgical specimens is fast and easy with Meiji Techno’s IM7000 Inverted Metallograph. The IM7000 delivers an excellent performance-to-cost ratio because it has the features and versatility that one would expect to find in more expensive instruments. The IM7000 has an integrated front mounted camera port with adapters available for 35mm, CCD, CMOS and other cameras.


The binocular model, the IM7100, incorporates the MA814 Siedentopf-type binocular head while the trinocular model, the IM7200, has the MA816/10 Siedentopf-type trinocular head. The MA816/10 uses an 80/20 beamsplitter that can be engaged for photomicroscopy. (100% to eyetubes or 80% to phototube and 20% to the eyetube.) Each microscope head has the eyetubes inclined at 30 degrees with the left eyetube having graduated diopter settings. The interpupillary distance on the viewing heads is adjustable between 53mm – 75mm. An optional ergonomic binocular head is also available.

10X Super Widefield High Eyepoint eyepieces are standard, and 15X and 20X eyepieces are also available as an option. A Super Widefield High Eyepoint 10X focusable eyepiece that accepts standard 25mm reticules is also available.


The smooth-operating, ball bearing, angle mounted quintuple nosepiece provides effortless objective changes.


Meiji Techno offers their newly designed E.Planachromat Infinity Corrected objectives for brightfield observation modes. Infinity tube lens: F = 200mm.


The standard fixed plain stage measures 180mm(x) by 245mm(y). The optional attachable mechanical stage measures 112mm(x) x 71mm(y). The mechanical stage features ergonomically positioned right-handed coaxial drop down controls.


A powerful Koehler method vertical illuminator with 6 volt 30 watt halogen bulb in an adjustable centering socket provides enhanced image quality of observations and adjustable brightness control.

IM7000 Series Ordering Information

Head Type Eyepieces Objectives Stage Illumination
SWH 10x FN22
Planachromat E5X
Planachromat E10X Planachromat E20X Planachromat E50X
Fixed flat-top
180mm X 245mm
Koehler Vertical
6 volt 30 watt halogen

IM7000 Series Components & Accessories

Part Number
SWH10X Super Widefield High Eyepoint eyepiece, FN22 (standard)
SWH15X  Super Widefield High Eyepoint eyepiece, FN16 (optional)
SWH20X  Super Widefield High Eyepoint eyepiece, FN12 (optional)
SWH10X-F Super Widefield High Eyepoint focusing eyepiece, FN22 (optional)
Brightfield Objectives – Planachromat - Infinity Corrected (F=200mm)
Planachromat E5X objective, NA: 0.10, Working Distance = 20.00mm (standard)
Planachromat E10X objective, NA: 0.25, Working Distance = 7.48mm  (standard)
Planachromat E20X objective, NA: 0.40, Working Distance = 5.20mm (standard)
Planachromat E50X objective, NA: 0.75, Working Distance = 0.38mm  (standard)
Planachromat E100X objective, NA: 0.90, Working Distance = 0.34mm (optional)
Miscellaneous Parts & Optional Accessories
Siedentopf Binocular Head
Siedentopf Trinocular Head
Siedentopf type ergonomic binocular head, 10 – 50 degrees adjustable vertical inclination, 30mm I.D. eyetubes (optional)
C-Mount Adapter for front port IM7000 Series (no lens, port has 0.66x mag factor)
LB100 Blue Filter in 20mm diameter in mount (included)
G533 Green Filter in 20mm diameter in mount (included)
ND50 Neutral Density filter in 20mm in mount (included)
Polarizing Filter, 20mm diameter in mount (included)
Digital camera adapter for non “C” mount type cameras (52mm O.D. thread),
for front camera port (Requires additional DC adapter ring for your specific model camera. Please contact us for the exact DC ring part.)
Optional Mechanical Stage 112mm(X) by 71mm(Y) with right handed coaxial drop down controls (MA876 required)
Replacement Metal Insert for Stage
Replacement AC Powercord 115VAC (USA)
Spare halogen bulb, 6 volt 30 watt
Replacement 3A Fuse
Dust Cover (included)

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IM7200 Trinocular Inverted Metallurgical Microscope

IM7200 Trinocular Inverted Metallurgical Microscope
Product ID: IM7200
Description: The Meiji IM-7200 inverted trinocular metallurgical microscope includes the following:

  • Objective Lenses: E.Planachromat Infinity Corrected objectives for brightfield observation E5x, E10x, E20x and E50x. Objectives are mounted in an extra large smooth operating, revolving quadruple ball-bearing nosepiece.
  • Eyepieces: Siedentopf-type trinocular head, inclined at 30° with an 80/20 beamsplitter that can be engaged for photomicroscopy. 100% of the light goes to the eyetubes or 80% to the phototube and 20% to the eyetube. Interpupilliary distance is adjustable from 53mm to 75mm. A graduated diopter adjustment is provided on the left eyetube. Includes paired 10X super widefield high eyepoint eyepieces.
  • Total Magnification: 50x, 100x, 200x, and 500x.
  • Specimen Stage: The standard fixed plain stage measures 180mm (x) by 245mm (y). The optional attachable mechanical stage measures 112mm (x) x 71mm (y). The mechanical stage features ergonomically positioned right-handed coaxial drop down controls (MA875).
  • Focusing: Coaxial low positioned coarse and fine focus controls, graduated to 2 microns per division. Controls are fitted with tension adjustment and safety auto stop. The focus range is 35mm. The movement runs in extra wide precision ball-bearing hardened steel tracks.
  • Illumination: A powerful Koehler method vertical illuminator with 6 volt 30 watt halogen bulb in an adjustable centering socket provides enhanced image quality of observations and adjustable brightness control.
  • Warranty: Meiji Techno warrants this product against defects in material and/or workmanship for the life of the instrument from the date of original purchase to the original purchaser. Electrical warranty is 90 days.

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Stereo Zoom Microscope

The EMZ8TR-PBH includes the best-selling Meiji EMZ-8TR trinocular zoom stereo microscope body with a 212-mm pole stand and variable-intensity halogen illumination. The primary reason for the EMZ-8TR’s success is that all three ports operate simultaneously via the trinocular beam splitter, thereby facilitating on-screen displays (with an appropriate digital camera) while simultaneously viewing through the eyepieces–a useful solution for education, training, and presentation purposes.

The microscope body has a 0.7x-4.5x zoom range, rotates 360º for convenient viewing options, and has a maximum working distance of 104 mm without an auxiliary Barlow lens. Depending on your choice of eyepieces (5x, 10x, 12.5x, 15x, 20x, or 30x), you can achieve magnification ranging from 7x to 135x.

There are dual diopters for convenient focusing of both eyes, and the eyepieces have an interpupillary adjustment range of 54-75 mm to adjust to the distance between your eyes. The base includes a black/white reversible stage plate with two stage clips.

This microscope is also popular for veterinary embryo transfer applications.

These microscopes are manufactured under the strict guidelines established under ISO 9001:2000 Standards. They are sold with Meiji Techno’s limited lifetime warranty.

The Meiji line of microscopes offers more than 40 different stands, as well as a number of other options. Call our microscope professionals toll free at (877) 409-3556 for information on configuring a microscope to suit your application.

CLICK HERE to view more stereo microscopes.

Microscope Specifications

  • Microscope Body: Trinocular + trinocular beam splitter (Optional Binocular), dual diopters, interpupillary adjustment 54-75mm
  • Objectives: 0.7x – 4.5x zoom range
  • Zoom Ratio: 6.5:1
  • Zoom Control: Dual, graduated, bilateral mount
  • Working Distance: 104 mm
  • Eyepieces: Choose from 5x, 10x, 12.5x, 15x, 20x, 30x (including eyecups)
  • Microscope Base: Pole stand, 212 mm high. Includes sliding focus block, reversible white/black stage plate, two stage clips.
  • Illumination: 10W incident and transmitted variable-intensity halogen lights.
  • Manual
  • Dust Cover
  • Warranty: Manufacturer’s Lifetime Limited Warranty. Electrical warranty is 90 days.
  • Shipping Weight: 22 lbs.

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