FL153 Single Arm Fiber Optic Illuminator

This unit offers safe and hassle-free operation and mates securely with standard FL150/115 microscopy light guides, eliminating adapters. The MI-150 delivers 350,000 foot candles of high-intensity, cold light illumination when coupled with any of our fiber optic light guides. Standard FL150/115 provides a lamp life of over 200 hours at full intensity. This unit is available separately or as part of a complete fiber optic illumination system.

Technical Information


 115 V AC (230 V AC optional)


 150 Watt, 21 V, EKE qtz halogen | EKE-X

Lamp Output: 

 1750 Lumens at fiber optic plane

Color Temperature: 

 3250° Kelvin at max intensity

Lamp Life: 

 200 hrs | 1000 hrs

Fiber Optic Interface: 

 15 mm or 25 mm

Noise Level: 

 <25 dB

Intensity Control: 

 Solid State 10 – 100%


 6.8” (W) X 5” (H) X 8.3” (D) (7.75 lbs)