Polishing Tables

Polishing tables


METPOL series of grinding/polishing machines offer an economical solutions to your metallograhic sample preparation needs with variables speeds from 50-600 rpm, along with a fether touch digital control panel and detouchable water coolant sprayer. All contained with a FRP body construction.

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  • Automatic Operation
  • Single force application for petrography
  • Special holders for thin section lapping and polishing.

FORCIPOL 300-1V is a strong grinding and polishing instrument with variable speed between 60-600 rpm and for 300 mm diameter wheels. By using appropriate working discs, it can carry the grinding, lapping and polishing processes very smoothly.

FORCIPOL, when coupled with FORCIMAT-TS becomes an automatic thin section
preparation system. FORCIMAT-TS is an automatic head with low speed for thin
section and petrographic sample preparation. The force is individually applied and
adjustable from the front panel. Thin section holders LAP-Holder and
POL-Holder ensure plane and perfect surfaces. LAP-Holder has Boron Carbide
stops for precise lapping whereas POL-Holder is used for polishing process.

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  • Compact and simple
  • Built-in vacuum system with Gauge
  • Efficient impregnation
  • Multi-specimen application.

VACUMET is designed for embedding and impregnation of porous materials. It removes the trapped air from the mounting material and eliminates the
gaps between the specimen and the resin.

Most mineralogical specimens have porosities, cavities and cracks and there
fore need to be embedged under vacuum. VACUMET fulfills this requirement easily and efficiently. In addition, VACUMET can also be used for glueing
the specimens on the glass slides for further processing in thin section preparation.

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