Ultrasonic thickness and Flaw Detection

Ultrasonic thickness and Flaw Detection

Dakota MX-2 UT Thickness Gauge

The Dakota Ultrasonics MX-2 is a fixed velocity thickness gauge. This affordable precision tool requires no special training to operate and is able to measure the thicknesses of common materials from 0.025 to 19.999 inches (0.63 to 500 millimeters) with the appropriate transducer. The standard 5MHz transducer has a range of 0.04 to 6.0″ on steel.

The Dakota MX-2 ultrasonic thickness gauge is ideal for the person that tests a few different materials regularly. Featuring 8 common preset material types and 2 user programmable types, the Dakota MX-2 ultrasonic thickness gauge is a little more flexible for those users that have a need to measure more than one material type. A simple PC program allows the user to program the Dakota MX-2 ultrasonic thickness gauge for two additional set material types.

Dakota MX-2 ultrasonic thickness gauges are packaged in an all metal case, sealed with gaskets to protect them from harsh working environments. This gauge can go anywhere you go while making fast accurate measurements which saves you time and money. Dakota Ultrasonics offers quality gauges that are reliable, innovative and competitively priced with the longest warranty in the business – 5 full years.

The Dakota MX-2 ultrasonic thickness gauge ships complete with a standard transducer (this transducer can be substituted for another model, please contact us for details), couplant, manual, plastic carrying case, certificate of calibration and AA Batteries.


  • Part number MX-2
  • Manufactured by Dakota Ultrasonics
  • Meter Range: from 0.025 to 19.999 inches (0.63 to 500 millimeters)
  • Switch to select English or Metric units
  • Velocity Range: 0.0492 to .3937 in./μs. (1250 to 10,000 meters/second)
  • Accepts dual-element transducers with 1 to 10 MHz frequency range
  • Easy to read 4.5 digit backlit LCD
  • Operates for up to 200 hours on a single set of AA batteries.
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Factory calibration traceable to national standards

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UT Thickness Gauge - MX-3

Measuring Range in Steel
0.040 – 6.00 inches
1.00 – 150.0 mm

The new Dakota Ultrasonics MX-3 Wall Thickness Gauge accurately measures wall thickness and the extent of corrosion of all metals, ceramics, glass and most rigid plastics – from only one side!

The Dakota Ultrasonics MX-3 can be used in a Single Thickness Reading mode or in a Scan mode , where the probe is dragged over a large measuring area. The minimum thickness reading recorded during the “scan” will be displayed.

The Dakota Ultrasonics MX-3 probe is waterproof and can be submerged in water. The gauge is impact-resistant and environmentally sealed to provide trouble-free operation under the toughest field conditions.

Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge

reddot Features

bluedot Resolution of 0.001 inch (0.01 mm)
bluedot Large, backlit LCD display retains last reading
bluedot Simple operator controls virtually eliminate training
bluedot Special-purpose probes are offered for a variety of applications
bluedot Switch-selected units for inches or mm
bluedot For underwater surveying, probe cable lengths up to 50 feet are optionally
bluedot CE Certified
bluedot Includes NIST Calibration Certificate

reddot Typical Applications
line typical

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