Cutting / Sectioning


  • Precision thin sectioning instrument for mineralogy.
  • Cutting and Grinding processes combined.
  • Specimen Holder with Vacuum for standard slides.
  • Built in micrometer with digital readout.
  • Water cooling

Preparing thin sections requires highly precise instruments and knowhow. GEOFORM on the hardness of the material because mineralogical specimens usually contain hard and soft phases. GEOFORM has two parts: Cutting and Grinding. On the cutting module, the specimen is fixed on a holder with vacuum and resectioned upto a thickness of approx. 0,5mm. Water cooling during cutting avoids deformation. GEOFORM can accomodate diamond and CBN cut-off discs up to 200 mm diameter.

The grinding module is designed for precision grinding. A universal vacuum holder accepts different sizes of glass slides by changing the location pins. A vacuum pump delivered as standard holds the glass slide fixed on the holder during grinding process. A built-in digital micrometer ensures high precision and the specimen is ground with an accuracy of 2 microns. Diamond cutting disc and grinding wheels are both on the same spindle which is precisely alligned for high accuracy. A dual in-line filtering unit removes the moisture from the vacuum line and drains into the cutting chamber when the vacuum pump is turned off.
Precision thin sectioning instrument for mineralogy. Cutting and Grinding processes combined. Specimen Holder with Vacuum for standard slides.
Built in micrometer with digital readout.
Water cooling
GEOFORM is a universal product that can be used for precision sectioning, re-sectioning and grinding operations is a bench-top instrument that will cut and
grind down to 30 microns or less depending.

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GEO Line of equipment…a complete
range of instruments for petrographic
sample preparation, starting with a piece
of rock and finishing at 20 microns…

  • Advanced Cutter for Minerals, Rocks
  • and Geological Specimens
  • Cutting capacity upto 100 mm in diameter
  • Uses diamond blade 250 / 300 mm
  • Linear Table Feed Cutting method
  • X-Y table bed with cutting cross feed
  • Various Clamping systems available

GEOCUT consists of a cast aluminium base on which the
motor and the working space are provided in the form of two
separate housing. A large window of Lexan and a sealed 12V
lamp in the cutting chamber allow precise observation of the
table located in the cutter’s generous work area can
accommodate a variety of different clamping devices which
need to be selected. The feed table provides a long travel
depth making the GEOCUT ideal for cutting long or deep
standard for parallel and serial cutting. Cooling water
recirculating system is an optional part of GEOCUT. Cooling
is effected by two water jets located on both sides of cutt-off
GEOCUT cutting machines have the highest safety
standards. The interlocking safety device does not allow the
motor to be started unless the hood is closed. The hood can
not be opened before the cutting motor is stopped. The
the cutter to a quick full stop in seconds after it has been
switched off.

Many petrographic cutting applications require the sectioning
size or irregular sample shape can create positioning and
clamping difficulties for the operator. To overcome these
difficulties, GEOCUT offers a number of special clamping
devices for use with petrographic cutter.
GEOCUT is a robust manual cutter with X-Y bed designed for cutting minerals, rocks, concrete, glass, ceramics, refeactory and other geological samples

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the 600 Series Line of machines offers automatic high-low speed sectioning without deformation to the sample. A Gravity Feed Systems allows for a wide range of Feed Rates, Automatic Operation and Shut-off. Internal Coolant Tank cools the blade and sprays the sample for a Cold Cut. Safety Features include Low Voltage Controls & Safety Cover Auto-Shut-Off Systems. Single, Dual & Variable Speed Motors offer Blade Speeds from 0-3500 r.p.m. with a cutting capacity of 1 1/2″. A variety of Cut-Off Blades & Diamond Blades are available for cutting anything from very hard to soft materials such as alloyed steels, powdered metals, tinanium, etc. to aluminum, brass, plastics and composite materials. 110/220V

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METCUT series of abrasive cutting machines offer an economical
solution to your metallographic sample preparation needs.


  • Fluorescent light.
  • Left and Right cam vises.
  • Reinforced FRP hood.
  • Overload protection.
  • Amp meter.
  • Electric safety lock on hood.
  • Electric motor brake.
  • Side opening for large specimens.
  • Large shatter proof viewing window.
  • Cutting capacity up to 60mm
Machine Metcut M250
Order # 50 02
Cutting Capacity 60mm
Motor Hp 3
Wheel Diameter Up to 10”
Wheel Speed 3400 rpm.
Operation Manual
Cooling Unit 13 Gallon
Size 31” x 27” x 21”
Weight 243 Lb.
Main 220v, 3 Phase, 50/60 Hz.

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